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Gatik Provides AV for Kroger in Dallas

Working together will make Kroger customers faster and more responsive in fulfilling e-commerce orders, reducing costs and increasing dedicated capacity in the middle of the supply chain.” “Supply”, CEO and Gatik co-founder Gautam Narang said in an email.

AV Tech has distributed Class 3 through 6 trucks in markets like Texas and Arkansas and works with companies like Georgia-Pacific and Walmart. Gatik’s with Walmart includes services for Sam’s Club locations in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Kroger also tested AV from autonomous technology company Nuro in Arizona and Houston.These changes came about as the industry sought new forms of delivery using drones and roaming robots that were smaller than miniature cars.

“We are implementing consistent and automated delivery processes,” said Mike Baker, Kroger’s last mile manager, in a video accompanying the press release, emphasizing the importance of repeatability and speed. – We run 18 to 20 hours a day. Whenever a customer wants an order, we are here to try and deliver it.”

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