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PepsiCo Announces AI Barcode Readers for Fulfillment Centers

KoiReader technology can identify and track barcodes and tags of all sizes and angles in fast-moving environments such as a conveyor belt or even partially damaged tags, said Ashutosh Prasad, Founder and CEO of KoiReader , in an interview with Supply Chain Dive.

The technology also tracks regular or irregular shaped products, with or without labels, and counts the time it takes workers to pack the boxes and remove the items.

“Nothing moves in the supply chain without a tag,” Prasad said. “They have products with standard shaped labels and they can scan them. Second, [you have] products [like] Red Bull that have a label, but you can’t scan them because it’s a six-pack.Or you lose inventory when you’re doing partial picking from pallets.”

In the end, it’s all about reducing costs, Prasad said. “If you are running conveyor belt scans, and your label scanning tech is not accurate … you will have to deploy people to constantly deal with exceptions.”

The technology is also “being investigated to assist warehouse workers as they scan pallets of soda and snacks,” and has also been deployed to automate yard operations as tractors and trailers enter and exit PepsiCo’s distribution center in Texas, according to the release.

The application will eventually be expanded to validate customer deliveries to ensure 100�curacy of human-assisted picking operations, according to the release.KoiReader began working with PepsiCo in 2021 and has slowly expanded to various apps since then, Prasad said.

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