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How Serta Simmons Bedding Improves Production Efficiency

Serta Simmons Bedding is digitally optimizing its production operations to create a more resilient supply chain. Linen retailer

uses Blue Yonder’s integrated supply and demand planning software in its existing planning system to “improve the accuracy of our forecasts, resulting in more accurate staffing and reduced overtime costs at our facilities, less raw material shortages and faster transportation costs.” and reduced Lost sales, the company told Supply Chain Dive. For example, the software’s real-time scenario planning capabilities can help planners at bedding companies keep up with changing business conditions and account for necessary network changes, said Shri Hariharan, head of email at Blue Yonder Optimize and maximize supply network, thereby improving capacity utilization, minimizing handoffs, driving optimal product mix planning, and keeping factories and suppliers in tune with demand signals,” said Hariharan.

Supply chain forecasting is becoming increasingly difficult due to changing customer patterns, logistics disruptions and inflated inventory prices, Hariharan said.“When companies make a mistake, there is a risk of excess inventory, excessive waste and reduced profitability.”

According to Hariharan, for mattress and bedding manufacturers like Serta Simmons, external factors have changed the way those companies manage their manufacturing and warehousing processes . Not only is there a wide variety of products on the market in terms of using raw materials like memory foam, but “the proliferation of e-commerce and online retailers offering beds in a box has shaken up the industry and increased consumer expectations.” “Customers. In contrast, manufacturing workflows are much more complex, he added.

“With these market-driven changes, it’s very important to maximize network capacity, increase equipment utilization, and plan to produce the right product line in the right quantities at the right time,” said Hariharan.

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