Jumat, September 22, 2023

Google Cloud Provides Updated Inventory Information

Updated Google Cloud capabilities are designed to help customers better track inventory and ensure volumes are properly aligned with demand.

“By tracking inventory levels, businesses can ensure they have the right amount of product to meet customer demand while avoiding overstocking or understocking,” the blog states.

Sample dashboards now provide insight into common KPIs. Insights include tracking trends and comparing KPIs to past, barely moving, or stale stocks.
Originally launched in 2021, the Google Cloud Cortex Framework leverages open data integration to provide business planning and insights, among other things.The updated inventory insights can be combined with Google Cloud’s new and existing related content, like vendor performance, to provide a broader picture of a company’s supply chain health.

With data often siloed across different departments or systems, companies have been looking for easier ways to get a better sense of performance across their supply chain.

In March, Microsoft introduced new artificial intelligence capabilities to its supply chain management platform to help shippers flag and respond to possible risks. Meanwhile, software company Oracle, which adds new capabilities to its Supply Chain Management platform every quarter, recently updated its Transportation Management and Global Trade Management solutions.

Amazon Web Services is also looking to increase supply chain visibility and planning by pooling data across systems into a centralized “data lake.

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